Bench had done a great job on being the ideal marketplace to connect service seekers and providers. Unfortunately, the lack of branding was holding them back as well as an inconsistent acquisition flow. It was time for a new public face and smoother experience.

A new website with approachable look stablished the saas as levelled to compete in the market. Conversion numbers were increased due to the offering of interactive free services on landing pages, as the rate calculator with employee locations and valuable insights shared on the blog. Once users felt the spark and got interested in adhering to the platform, animations would present the ease of use of each of its main functions - generating twice as many acquisitions as before.

Product Overview

It has never been so easy to find people you need for your projects or services, opportunities through a centric and intuitive platform.


Send opportunities to preferred employees, contractors & partners

A seamless way to manage the end-to-end process of broadcasting opportunities to your network.


Screen, engage and book at ease

Benchrs, employees and partners who get notified of opportunities can make offers or simply share their availability.


Stay on top of your bookings

As soon as offers are accepted, the platform provides onboarding packs, easy booking management updates and ratings & reviews feature.


Track opportunities and performance

All activity related to your workforce, managers, revenue and cost, in one place.


Build your own Bench

Invite your workforce and the clients you want as part of your Bench. You set the rules in your own market!