EFF is the premium choice for fresh nutrition focused meals, delivered three times a week, to promote weight loss and health maintenance. Quality of the food is outstanding and the final price of the meals transmit that with clarity. In the other hand, customer experience wasn’t really effective, with inconsistent elements and a clunky standard e-commerce website that didn’t really align to the caring message the company meant to convey.

A cleaner branding was created in accordance to the lightness of a healthy balanced diet, while keeping the high value attributed to the meals. On top of that, the basic website turned into an app, where users can customise their diets either during on-boarding or in their personal dashboard, selecting types and quantity of meals they want for each weekday, and under the hood, a rotating system varies their meals within the preferences previously set, keeping diets as diverse as they are delicious. Users can also “date their diet”, liking or disliking meals to tailor their personalised diet, only keeping the all-time favourites.

New branding has been made consistent throughout all social channels and advertising campaigns, that now summed up to the marketing arsenal. New images of the meals were shot alongside Argentinian photographer Santiago Nogueras and I had the pleasure to collaborate with direction and post production. From around 200 subscriptions, the company reached 800, acquired a new, larger factory and now we’re happily working together on the next level of healthy eating experience.